Treatments Offered

ACUPUNCTURE Fine one-use disposable needles are inserted into the body into specific "acupuncture points" to bring about changes in the body's balance and homeostasis. These needles are retained in the body for up to 30 minutes.

PROLOTHERAPY Consists of using a fine needle to inject an all natural solution into tendons, ligaments, labrum, meniscus, cartilage, and joints via the acupuncture points. The substance used is called dextrose, a form of sugar, this is diluted with B12, glucosamine and sodium cloride. Prolotherapy is a regenerative injection treatment used to stimulate the healing mechanism to repair damaged or injured areas in the spine and joints. Prolotherapy is considered a viable alternative to surgery, as an option to pain medications and anti-inflammatory injections such as cortisone and other steroidal injections. Prolotherapy is considered a safe, affordable option that allows the patient to keep working and/or training during treatment. The effectiveness of Prolotherapy depends on the overall health of the patient. The basic mechanism of Prolotherapy is simple and centered around the promotion of inflammation. When we inject Prolotherapy solutions into the affected ligaments, tendons, and/or joints, via acupuncture points, it leads to local inflammation in the injected area. The localized inflammation triggers a wound healing cascade, resulting in the deposition of new collagen, the material that ligaments and tendons are made of. New collagen shrinks as it matures. The shrinking collagen tightens the ligament that was injected and makes it stronger.

Prolotherapy can heal most disc problems in neck and back. While we talk about Prolotherapy healing joint pain that results from ligament and tendon injuries, most people are unaware that disc problems results from ligament injuries or instability along the spine. Patients with degenerative disc disease,herniated discs, bulging discs, bone on bone, etc can all be healed with Prolotherapy. Prolotherapy works to stabilize the ligaments of the spine allowing discs to get back into position and can even create space to a person who has lost space due to one or more degenerated disc.The injection stimulates new growth and repair, thereby promoting joint stability, mending tears, thickening regeneration and reducing pain. When injected into the torn tendons, ligament, labrums, meniscus, cartilage or joints, the dextrose solution induces a physiologic reaction that stimulates the healing processes to resume, and induces the migration of fibroblasts, used by the body to repair damaged cells, to the site of injection. Fibroblasts lay down new connective and fibrous tissue and in so doing, enlarge and strengthen and repair the damaged tendons, ligaments, labrum, meniscus, and cartilage making them stronger and less likely to be re-injured. My Training includes AOAPIPM methods and guidelines. AOAPIPM has been teaching Prolotherapy Since 1953 This treatment if very effective for painful conditions and sports injuries.

NEURAL THERAPY Neural therapy is a form of complementary and alternative medicine in which local anesthetic is injected into certain locations of the body to treat chronic pain and illness.

MESOTHERAPY This treatment protocol involves several injections, with the smallest of needles, in the area of facial wrinkles or lines that the patient wants to improve. With natural homeopathic remedies we can restore collagen, reduce wrinkles and offer a safe non-toxic way to restore that youthful appearance without any side effects or risk. This treatment is also used for painful conditions.

HOMEOPATHY Homeopathy has been practiced in Europe since the early 1800's. Its founding father was a German physician, Samuel Hahnemann, MD. He developed a system of single remedies that were highly diluted to the point where little if any of the original compound was left in the solution. Homeopathics are basically energetic footprints of the original substance. The principle is to treat "Like with Like", better know as the Law of Similars. An example of this is if the basic compound provokes fever, it is used to treat fever. In the last 50 years, another German doctor, Dr. Reckeweg, took this medicine to the next level. In Dr. Reckeweg's therapeutic model, he devoloped a six stage "Disease Evolution Table" or (DET). His model establishes the stages of toxicity that create disease and the therapeutic protocol to treat it. This homeopathic model is known as Homotoxicology and uses combinations of homeopathically derived substances to treat the underlying toxicity and restore the patient's health.

ELECTRO-ACUPUNCTURE Micro-current is used on the acupuncture needles to bring about pain relief and offer a relaxing treatment at the same time.

BIO-PUNCTURE And Neural Therapy Many athletes suffer from injuries and want to be healed quickly, without side effects. This can be accomplished with the use of natural homeopathic products which have been used in sports medicine treatments for over twenty years. In Germany there is a long tradition of the use of natural homeopathic products for "Sports Medicine" and treating sports injuries. These products are more beneficial when injected right at the site of the pain, for better and quicker results. This is especially true for muscles and ligaments that can't normally be reached by applying creams and ointments. These homeopathics remedies are an alternative to anti-inflammatory medication and cortisone injections and can be injected without side effects.

DRY NEEDLING Another name of Acupuncture to trigger points or Ashi Points or Painfull Points in areas of pain.