About Nicholas

Nicholas Shirghio, DOM A.P., is a N.C.A.A.O.M. Board certified Acupuncturist Licensed in Florida as a primary care Physician He has been licensed since 1997.

He became interested in the Chinese healing arts in 1993 when confronting surgery for herniated cervical discs. After receiving a second opinion of surgery and because he was used to the conventional medical approach and in a lot of pain, unable to work or sleep, thought surgery was imminent. Being unfamiliar with acupuncture he was reluctant to try it. After several days of pain he decided to get "a few" treatments and much to his surprise the treatments helped relieve the pain and allow him to sleep and return to work. With the pain relieved surgery was avoided.

Having been helped by acupuncture made him curious as to "the why and how of it" so he enrolled in an acupuncture school that was run by the acupuncturist he was seeing, Dr. Stanley Hubbard. The course work took almost four years and after graduation he took the Florida State Acupuncture Boards and became licensed in Florida and NCCAOM qualified in forty other states. He is a NCCAOM diplomat in Acupuncture.

Because of the relief acupuncture gave him with his pain, Nicholas has specialized in treating patients with painful conditions and "sports medicine" since his licensing.

Nicholas Shirghio A.P, clinic location is in the Airport Professional Center, 3811 Airport Pulling Road North, Naples Florida 34105.