About Injection Therapy


Dr. Nicholas Shirghio DOM, A.P. is pleased to offer Acu-point injection therapy Prolo-puncture, Prolotherapy and Bio-Puncture. He feels that these additional forms of treatment that accesses the body's matrix offers exciting possibilities in the treatment of pain and sports injuries. This therapy offers the patient different forms of treatment for chronic pain relief as well as pain relief for athletic and sports injuries. The forms of treatment that I offer for pain relief are the types of treatment that have been used successfully in Europe, Asia and South Africa for over twenty five years and are taught by Dr. Jan Kersschot MD, who is called The Father of Bio-Puncture. I have attended several training seminars and have learned these methods directly from Dr. Kersschot and have received Certification in Advanced Bio-Puncture and have been using his protocol successfully for the last Several years. Dr. Shirghio has completed extensive additional training in Prolo-Therapy Pain Management offered by the A.O.A.P.I.P.M. .

Prolotherapy consists of using a fine needle to inject an all natural solution into tendons, ligaments, labrum, meniscus, cartilage, and joints via the acupuncture points. The substance used is called dextrose, a form of sugar, this is diluted with B12, and sodium cloride. The injection stimulates new growth and repair, thereby promoting joint stability, mending tears, thickening regeneration and reducing pain. When injected into the torn tendons, ligament, labrums, meniscus, cartilage or joints, the dextrose solution induces a physiologic reaction that stimulates the healing processes to resume, and induces the migration of fibroblasts, used by the body to repair damaged cells, to the site of injection. Fibroblasts lay down new connective and fibrous tissue and in so doing, enlarge and strengthen and repair the damaged tendons, ligaments, labrum, meniscus, and cartilage making them stronger and less likely to be re-injured.

Auto sanguise using the patient's own blood as a marker for injection therapy is effective for many internal medical situations.

Homeopathic injection therapy is an effective non-toxic therapy used for pain management, "natural" facial rejuvenation and mesotherapy.

Neural therapy Neural therapy is a form of complementary and alternative medicine in which local anesthetic is injected into certain locations of the body to treat chronic pain and illness.[1]

Acu-point injections can also be used for the delivery of nutritional supplements like vitamins C and B12.

For patients with pain management problems, Prolotherapy, Homeopathic injection therapy, Neural Therapy and Prolo-Puncture can provide long term and sometimes permanent pain relief without the use of steroids.